The King Tides Auckland initiative is a collaborative endeavour between local and national organisations and the Auckland community that aims to promote awareness of sea level rise and help us plan for protecting our coastal areas in the future.

WitnessKingTides-logoWe are part of the wider global Witness King Tides initiatives movement to help build a collective resource to help plan for the impacts of sea level change on our homes, habitats, infrastructure and recreation areas.

Our mission is to add to this global collective while raising local awareness of sea level rise and how it could impact our coastal areas.

We encourage members of the Auckland community to photograph King Tide events and contribute to creating a living record of Auckland’s changing shorelines – captured through citizen imagery.

The King Tides Auckland initiative was founded as a cross agency project between the Auckland Council, Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management with support from NIWA and other agencies.

The initiative has been developed to allow resource sharing including website, hosting and coordination support for other regions within New Zealand. For more information in catching the King Tide movement or supporting it check out information on our Become a partner page.

Check out our other overseas King Tide partners as well because they are awesome

British Columbia, Canada Organizer: BC Government/
California, USA Partnership: Various state agencies and non-profits
Florida, USA Organizer: Tampa Bay Estuary Program
Maine, USA Organizer: Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP)
Maryland, USA Organizer: Maryland Department of Natural Resources
New Jersey (Barnegat Bay), USA Organizer: Barnegat Bay Partnership
New York, New Jersey, USA Organizer: New York – New Jersey Harbor and Estuary Program
Oregon, USA Organizer: Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and the Surfrider Foundation
Australia Organizer: Green Cross Australia
Washington State, USA Organizers: Washington Sea Grant and Washingtin State Department of Ecology