Next king tide

Wednesday 10 April


Part of the Global King Tides movement, King Tides Auckland is an exciting community initiative that encourages people from around the Auckland region to visit and photograph the highest tides (known as King Tides) that naturally occur along our coastline each year.

These photographs will help us visualise what our coasts may look like in the future as global sea levels continue to rise. The images provide us with an opportunity to capture a living record of our changing coastlines and provide us with a glimpse into the future of what our normal daily high tides may look like in 30 to 50 years’ time with projected global sea level rise.

We want to improve our understanding of the implications of sea level rise for our region and we need your help to do this. Become a coastal time traveller and take a trip to the coast during these king tide events and capture your local spot with photographs during at high tide. Upload your photographs to our Instagram site and share your observations with others.

Take some time to explore this website and learn more about global sea level rise and its implications for future generations.We will try and update content regularly as it becomes available, including providing links to other resources and your most recent photographs. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


King Tides Auckland is part of the Global King Tides initiative working together to collect and share information on sea level change and its potential impacts. You can find out more about the global initiative at