Measure tides and learn about sea level rise

17 October 2018

King Tides AKL are thrilled to announce a new project to construct and install water level (tidal) gauges at public coastal locations that can be monitored by communities and schools. The process of capturing and providing water level data to King Tides AKL provides an opportunity for groups to learn about the causes and impacts of sea level rise on their own local coastline.

King Tides AKL invites you to become witnesses of high seasonal tides (king tides) on Auckland’s coastline.

  • Learn about what daily tides might look like in the future (30 to 50 years) as a result of sea level rise and the related implications for people’s daily lives
  • Photograph the coast to create a living record of the changes that are occurring in Auckland.

Water level gauges provide a focal point for communities and schools, where information about sea level rise can be communicated via the provocation process. The water level on any given tide can be measured against tide levels marked on the gauge that include historic high tides, current day mean high tides and project high tides in 2120 on the basis of future global emissions pathways. These predictions have been summarised in the Ministry for the Environments “Coastal hazards and climate change: Guidance for local government”. Measuring and recording tide trends over time provides activities to meet learning outcomes in STEM for schools.

If you are interested in capturing the next king tide on Wednesday 26th of December, visit our website, or Facebook/kingtidesakl, or Instagram/kingtidesakl to learn how to capture images and to share them with us. If you are interested in being involved in the upcoming tide gauge project, email us on