Countdown to King Tides Auckland

15 January 2014

Welcome to King Tides Auckland

We are the King Tides Auckland initiative and our mission is to raise awareness of sea level rise and protect our amazing coastal areas for the future – and we need your help to do it!

This Sunday heralds the inaugural King Tides Auckland photo initiative and we want you to be a part of it by photographing the high tide at your local spot!

From the 1st of February to the 3rd of February some of the highest tides of the year – the King Tides –will hit Auckland’s coastline providing us with a unique opportunity to glimpse into the future and see how higher water levels – and sea level rise – might impact our coastal areas.

Join us on Sunday 2nd February

You can join the King Tides Auckland Team at the Takapuna Beach Boat Ramp (the Promenade, Takapuna, Auckland) from 7am to 11am on Sunday 2nd February to help record the predicted highest tide over the three days which will peak on the East Coast at 10.07am.

On the same day if you live on the West Coast of Auckland the tide will peak at 12.15pm.

Auckland is a beautiful place to live, work and play. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful beaches and the ocean is a mere stone’s throw from the city and most suburbs.

Because of our city’s affinity for the water, many houses, buildings, roads and other infrastructure are built along our coast and shorelines. We love being close to the ocean, but with sea levels on the rise, soon we could be too close for comfort.

So that we can protect our coastal areas, and everything in them, we need to plan for the future impacts of sea level rise now – witnessing and documenting King Tides will provide us with valuable information so that we can.

We want to create a living record of our changing coastlines by photographing King Tides and we need your help and photographic talent to do it. Explore our website for more information and connect with us on social media to join the conversation and share your thoughts and images.

Over the coming days, in the lead up to the King Tide event on Sunday and beyond, we will be posting interviews and information from some of New Zealand’s top scientists and experts about sea level rise and sharing images from other King Tide initiatives around the globe to get you inspired for your royal photoshoot.

Whether you join us this Sunday at Takapuna or get involved through our website and social media we are excited to welcome you as part of the team making history to protect our coasts for future.




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