Next King Tide


The next King Tide event in the Auckland region in 2019 will be:

East Coast – 3 August 2019

On the East Coast the King Tide is predicted to peak on Saturday 3 August 2019 at around 9:16PM.

Note: Tide times and heights can vary depending on location and weather conditions. Find out other predicted King Tide times though NIWA’s Red Alert Calendar and don’t forget to check the weather.

Don’t forget to join in

You can upload your photos direct to this website or join us on Facebook, instagram and twitter

When planning your photos ensure you also plan to be safe

Always consider your safety first. Have fun and be creative when taking your photos but most importantly, be safe!

Remember, water levels during these King Tide events will be higher than normal, so take extra precautions when walking along the coast, particularly if bad weather is also forecast.

Stay out of the water and only take photos from a safe, landward viewpoint.

Always be aware of the additional dangers posed by bad weather, slippery surfaces, big waves and higher than normal water levels.

Make sure you remain safe and let someone know where you are going!

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