King Tides in the news

It is exciting to be part of a story communities are interested in. If you would like to talk King Tides with us please contact us via our contact page or facebook channel.

You can read more about the initiative in our February 2014 media release or our FAQ page.

We will also keep you up to date with stories and articles about the initiative below and on our blog.

Stories about the Auckland King Tides initiative

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Stories about 2014 King Tides

TVNZ Breakfast; 3.2.14 at 7:25AM:

TVNZ News; 2.2.14 at 6:34PM:

TVNZ News; 2.2.14 12:41PM:

TVNZ News; 1.2.14 at 11:24AM:

TV3 Firstline; 31.1.14 at 6:55AM:

MSN News, 3.2.14 at 8:33AM:

NZ Herald, 3.2.14:

NZ Herald, 3.2.14:

National Radio Website, 3.2.14 at 12:21PM:

NZ Herald, 2.2.14 at 11:52AM:

NZ Herald, 1.2.14 at 1:27PM:

 East and Bays Courier, 31.1.14 at 5:00PM:

 National Radio Morning Report; 3.2.14 at 8:25AM:

National Radio Morning Report, 13.8.14 at 8:55AM:’s-king-tide

Gosurf Website:, 13.8.14: